All-terrain elegance

Our DNA is synonymous with exploration, commitment, surpassing one’s limits and performance. Find out more : build times.

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Gravel is a young and recent discipline which brings us back, in many ways, to the golden age of the famous 1920s “forçats”, or the “Convicts of the Road”, the rugged riders of the Tour de France in its earliest days.

Our history is rich in champions and heroes who roamed the roads of France when they were still only dirt, gravel or trails. Building on this heritage, we drew our inspiration from the story of the Pélissier brothers, iconic “forçats” made famous by journalist Albert Londres in 1924. The DILECTA brand was built on this spirit of cycling in the early 1900s. Our DNA is synonymous with exploration, commitment, surpassing one’s limits and performance.

Elegance associated with power

The Forcat frame was thought out, designed and developed for today’s cyclists who pedal with the panache and spirit of those of yesterday.

Columbus Spirit

We have chosen the Italian steel Columbus Spirit HSS, this blend, a mere 0.4mm thick at its thinnest point, allows us to build a lightweight frame that combines responsiveness and comfort.

The geometry is designed for extreme adaptability, from pleasure trips to bikepacking races, it offers foolproof versatility.

Columbus carbon fork

The Columbus Futura SLX carbon fork provides rigidity, precision, and vibration absorption.

Mounting locations

For bikepackers, the frame is equipped with three mounting locations for bottle cages and tools, as well as brazed-on eyelets for fenders and luggage racks.

29” and 27,5” compatible

The versatility does not stop there since the frame is compatible with 29” and 27,5” wheelsets allowing you to switch between different tire widths according to your desires, needs and activity.

Imagined, created and designed in France

French craftsmanship combined with the many details and choices made by our design engineers ensure that you have in your hands a unique, elegant, responsive and high-performance Gravel frame, true to the brand’s history and ready to write yours.

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16 colors to choose


  Longueur des manivelles : cadre XS : 170mm | cadre S : 170mm | cadre M : 172,5mm | cadre L : 175mm | cadre XL : 175mm Largeur du cintre : cadre XS : 40cm | cadre S : 40cm | cadre M : 42cm | cadre L : 44cm | cadre XL : 44cm Longueur de la potence : cadre XS : 80mm | cadre S : 90mm | cadre M : 90mm | cadre L : 100mm | cadre XL : 100mm Vous souhaitez changer la taille de ces périphériques ? Contactez-nous !